Change Password

If the password in Git Extensions is set and you cant find the option to change it? Go into Windows Credential program in Windows and go to the tab "Windows Credentials". Here you can see the Github setting and remove it.

After you remove it, you will be able to enter a new username and password and login.


remote: Repository not found.

This error is given even thugh the URL is correct and the repo (and credentials) are correct. It can be because of somone has saved their users on the computer and GIT is using them instead of the latest entered. Therefor the old, not longer valid user is trying to connect. 

Worst part is that it may work in one program (GIT desktop for example) and not in another (GIT Extensions) depending which account they pull from. It may also differ from time to time you start the program. Very hard to find...

Solve it by entering the "Windows Credentials" in control panel, and remove alla GIT- users. Then try pull again and add your own, working, account.



GIT-Extensions does not show all branches

When you are on a certain branch, another does not show. When you shift, you see both. What might happend is that the button "Show first parent" is enabled and thereby hiding some branches and tree. Disable it and you can now see all. The botton is on the far right in the menu.

Published: 2018-10-26